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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tips In Buying Wholesale Body Jewelry

What should you look for when trying to buy discount body jewelry from wholesale outlets? There are safety issues involved with body jewelry therefore you need to know what materials the body jewelry is made of before purchasing. The most common materials used are 316 LVM stainless steel, titanium, 14 and 18 carat gold, Lucite and Plexiglas.

316 LVM stainless steel is the most popular metal. This stainless steel metal is the same used by surgeons for medical implants and therefore is deemed safe for the body. This metal is a good bet when looking for wholesale body jewelry.

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel but stronger. Titanim is a very strong and durable metal and does not cause a reaction in humans. Surgeons use titanium when performing joint replacement surgery and for inserting pins and rods. Even those with metal allergies or sensitivities can wear titanium which comes in different colors for your body jewelry bling. Therefore, titanium can be a good chose for your body jewelry. You can find grade 2 titanium at outlet prices which is the same grade the surgeons use. Niobium is comparable to titanium but more scare. Sometimes you can purchase niobium at wholesale prices.

Gold, whether it be the 14 or 18 carat variety is always in style and can be found at wholesale outlets. Practice particular care when purchasing gold body jewelry from foreign providers. Different countries have looser restrictions with gold carat classifications. Therefore, an item may claim to be 14 carat gold but in all actuality be of lower quality. Many wholesale body companies use this scam to take advantage of customers and keep their prices down. This will not necessarily hurt your body, but no need to hurt your pocketbook either if you exercise caution.

Wholesale body jewelry outlets carry lots of items made from Lucite and Plexiglas. Normally, these are used for ear pieces and the ends of barbells. Lucite and Plexiglas offer many shapes and colors. Wholesale outlets often carry so many of these items because they have fallen out of vogue for the retail stores. Not a matter of safety just taste.

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Amber Pierce is a staff writer at Jewelry Digest and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Family Review.


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